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[F4M] Giving Professor Her Cream

Tags: [script fill][cougar][MD/lb][professor/college student][handjob][public][orgasm control][romantic][cum into coffee][standing up][begging]

With quarantine over it’s your first day back at school, and surpassing your general excitement is the thought of seeing *that* teacher again. The one that you’ve been having slightly less than appropriate relations with over zoom for the past months. But now it’s gonna be for real, and it turns out she might know just the place for you two to sneak in your first in person interaction. As well as play out that fantasy of yours…

This script was a request and, as most of you know, I do NOT like cum on food, but since it was not a HUGE focus of this script, I went ahead and did it anyway. The script was by FanofaFanofaFandom

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