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 I have been making audios since 2017. Most of the “naughtier” sound effects are made by me. Most of the others I get online. I do 95% of my own editing and have been doing commissions since 2018.

I’ve told this story a lot but I had a friend who asked me to read a JOI and thought it sounded good, it got passed around and eventually someone told me about GWA and I got my start there. I am no longer affiliated with GWA.

As far as No’s go: leave out scat, vomit, sex with mentally disabled, diapers, water sports on me, dirty/unclean genitalia, cum on food I have to eat and self-degradation – these are hard limits for me.

I also do not do anything with looking at porn while I record or images.

I do not do anything that is video.

I have a full list of all my public audios here:

This can also be found on the “FIND ME” tab of my website.

I do have a love of cooking and people online asked me for my recipes. It became a whole thing I do on YouTube and Patreon. Take a look around, you might find something you like.

There is a commissions tab of my website that links you to information and also has a form to fill out when my commissions are open.

If you purchase them through my website it would be in the form of crypto currency. If you are accepted we would do the payment through an invoice on the website. Contact me for more information.

No. that would defeat the purpose. I have tags and a detailed description. Most of the audios for sale are not all that expensive. Read before you buy.

Considering my audios are delivered digitally and cannot be “returned” we do not allow returns or refunds. All sales are final.