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[F4M] The Tarantino of Prose

Tags: [Script Fill] [Foot Fetish] [Student Teaches the Teacher] some light [Fsub] and some light [Fdom]

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She’s your mentor helping you become a better writer.

An older woman and rather sexy, if you do say so yourself, but the most intriguing part about her… her feet.

You actually haven’t even seen them because she’s always wearing shoes. Damn pesky things. People say that foot fetishists should love shoes to, well no, fuck that. You only want what the shoe contains, the softness and sexiness of a woman’s foot.

It drives you crazy and you can’t help but allow this building tension to come out in your writing.

And of course, she begins to notice….

This Script was written by the wonderful Magisci and is a great one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it live on my discord.

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