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[F4M] Succubus Game pt 1 and 2

Tags: [Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff][Commission]

Listen to the Succubus intro first (only listen to this the first time, and skip this audio next day and so on), then the Succubus main, if you can survive the main audio without cumming go listen to the succubus sweet dreams audio, and go to sleep (You are not allowed to touch yourself during or after the sweet dreams audio!!!). If you cum during the succubus main/ looped main audio, you have to stop the audio immediately, and go listen to the succubus feeding audio. (each time you listen to the feeding audio, you will add 1 loop after main the next night, each time you survive the night without cumming, you minus 1 loop, eg. if you cum, the next night you will listen to main + loop, you cum again next night will be main + loop + loop and so on ) if you want to follow the instructions. Below are the links to each part in order:

Part one:

Succubus Introduction part 1

Succubus Main first part 1

Succubus main loop part 1

Succubus Feeding Part 1

Succubus Dreams First Part Part 1

Succubus Sweet Dreams Part 1

Part two:

Succubus Introduction part 2

Succubus Main first part 2

Succubus main loop part 2

Succubus Feeding Part 2

Succubus Dreams First Part Part 2

Succubus Sweet Dreams Part 2

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