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[F4M] Christmas Performance Review

Tags: [Script Fill][gentle fdom] [GFE] [dominant female boss][role reversal] [romantic] [wholesome] [pussy eating] [spanking] [blowjob] [reverse suspended congress] [fucked on a desk] [creampie] [your boss is dressed as Mrs. Claus]

Listen to your performance review here

It’s your office’s Christmas party, and so far you’re having a good time eating, drinking and chatting with your coworkers. Suddenly, your boss – a no bullshit cutthroat businesswoman- takes you aside and tells you to come to her office for a performance review. This could mean you legitimately have to improve on your work output, or it could mean she’s going to have her way with you as you’ve been secretly dating for the past few months. Either way you should probably listen to her…

This script was written by u/eatsthewholeass and was the perfect one for me for christmas. Lots of Good boys and tone changes. Enjoy!

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