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[F4M] Bad Decision Friday Part 1-6

Part 1 Tags: [Script Fill] [Lots of F4M talk][l-bombs][sexy shenanigans and storytelling][leads to making a video with best friend] [kissing and fingering][Mostly Talk unless you make the sexy sounds last longer]

Part 2 Tags: [Script Fill][Catholic School Girl/Teacher Roleplay] [drinking] [innocent enough] [ripped clothing] [spanking] [doggy] [blowjob] [fingering] [cunnilingus][blasphemies] [unprotected sex] [1st time creampie] [impreg] [anal virgin] [2nd creampie] [l-bombs]

Part 3 Tags: [Script Fill][catholic school goth][public fingerbanging][public orgasm][blasphemies][inappropriate bible quotes][doggy style fucking in church][creampie][cleaning cock orally]

Part 4 Tags: [ScriptFill][forced begging][forced orgasm][multiple unwanted creampies][violence][crying][broken heart]

Part 5 Tags:[Script Fill] [improv moments][catholic cheerleader][student/teacher][1st kiss][underage drinking][first orgasm][big dick][first bj][deepthroat][throat pie][we’re not making love][innocence lost][virginity lost][crying][creampie][your a whore now]

and lastly Part 6 Tags: [script Fill][18][blackmail][daddy][brat][good girl] [virgin][onlyfans][filming][pussy eating][face sitting][multiorgasm torture][blowjob][deepthroat][forced orgasms][forced begging] [impreg][breeding][creampie][whore]

This script series was written by Benson

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