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[F4M] Baby it’s Cold Outside

Tags: [Script Fill][yandere] [stalker] [Christmas songs][Kidnaped][Restraints][Breeding] the family she’s always wanted [Mistletoe][Kissing][Blowjob][Riding][Rape][Punny]

The listener finds themselves walking up, on christmas day, wrapped in blankets and ribbons like some sort of christmas present. And they quickly realize why. The pressure of being alone without her loved one over chistmas was clearly too much for this crazy yandere to handle. She has organized a cabin far away in the snow covered wilderness, where she will have the christmas she’s always wanted with her darling love <3

There will be songs, dinner, presents and of course plenty of great christmas sex. As long as her good boyfriend behaves of course 😉 Oh, and she even has an extra surprise for him…. She wants to make a little christmas miracle happen and get pregnant on this day. She is willing to make him cum as many times as it takes for that to happen….

This script was written by NyandalfTheGray and i couldn’t pass it up.

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