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[F4F] What to do with a bratty Narcissist

Tags: [Fdom [script flip][Futa ] [Bratting] [Brat taming] [Mommy] [MD/lg] [Teasing] [Mocking] [Horny Pickup lines] [Whispering] [Hiding] [Dom Degradation] [Worshipping] [BJs] [Aggressive][ownership]

You asking or telling me, slut? Mommy is in control now.Oh the little whore wants to be a mess? Show you exactly how I own you, little girl.You know whats hot? Using this little body as my fucktoy.

This script was flipped of sorts so that I did the listeners side of this audio here by CountessVa. I do hope you enjoy my take on it, or hers.

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